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Howdy I'm Justin Brooks,
This is TechFall5.

I am a freelance website designer and professional photographer with over 10 years of experience.

My photos and websites are inspired by light, color, simplicity, elegance, creative perspective, and of course, most importantly, the personalities of the people I am working for!

My Skills


I have been coding and designing websites since 2005, and have been doing it professionally since 2008. While each website differs I try to keep most designs Simple, Elegant, and Modern. Each Site I create is made with all original photography included in the price of the website.

Portrait Photography

I promise to create an amazing portrait that you'll be thrilled to share with your friends, family, clients, and colleagues. Or if you need a picture for Tinder, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, I'm here to help.

Wedding & Engagement Photography

Select me and I'll be telling your unique visual story from the time I arrive - while you're getting ready, through the ceremony, for family portraits, and during the reception. That storytelling will make you smile, laugh, or even cry happy tears both tomorrow and in twenty years. Most photographers make pictures. Wedding photographers document memories that live forever.

Commercial Photography

I'm an excellent choice for small companies as well as for major brands and agencies who would like to work with a photographer who has experience photographing difficult products but who also loves to collaborate in order to approach projects creatively and with a shared vision.

Why Choose Me?


If you have never taking professional photos it can be very intimidating to stand in front of the camera. I try and set the tone for shoots to be fun a and enjoyable experience. My goal is to make clients feel comfortable and to be themselves by being my goofy self, so I can capture their true energy and nature.

light composure

Taking a photo is only part of what makes a great picture, lighting is without a doubt the most important key to creating a one of a kind composition. Whether it’s using natural light or using cutting edge technology I can make adjustments to lighting to fit you and your needs.

Perfect Equipment

I use a full-frame sensor camera as well as the best and latest lenses to make sure I not only capture clients, but it such clarity and quality like they have never seen themselves before. For drone based photography I use my DJI Mavic Pro which is know in the industry for it’s amazing quality. 

Quick Turnover

I work very quickly without losing any attention to detail. Time is important, and the quicker we can work, the better. I’m efficient while we are out shooting, when I’m behind my camera, or in front of my computer.

unique vision

I would have to say my style is very organic and simple.  I love simplicity and a classic, timeless look, so that is what I try to create for my clients. Neutral and soft colors are my absolute favorite. However, I will throw a splash color in my sessions for those who want a more colorful look! I believe in creating portraits that will withstand the test of time..

Because you truely like my work

Don’t hire me because I’m cheaper or more expensive than someone else. Hire me because you LOVE my work, and trust me to capture your totally awesome and special day.

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